IT Security & Policy
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IT Forensics and Data Recovery
LSU has maintained a state-of-the-art forensic computing facility since 2001. With the growing rate of cyber crime, the facility was originally designed to examine computers used to facilitate or commit felony and misdemeanor offenses. In time, however, the Computer Forensic Lab has grown to provide other services to the LSU community, such as data recovery and internal Human Resources investigations. The Lab is maintained by one full-time ITS employee and one full-time LSU Police captain. In its four years on campus, the lab has grown from a one machine shop to a facility with two workstations for the LSU Computer Forensic Lab, one workstation for the Louisiana Cybercrime Task Force, a server, and several terabytes of storage. The Louisiana Cybercrime Task Force is comprised of several local and federal law enforcement agencies who facilitate information and equipment sharing. The LSU Computer Forensic Specialists are instrumental in many LSU, Baton Rouge, and FBI investigations.