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Make a Suggestion

Welcome to the Moodle Development Advisory Committee (MDAC) public Web site. The purpose of  this committee  is to prioritize Moodle development projects and the implementation of new features.  The MDAC Members meet at the beginning of each semester to discuss. We encourage any member of the LSU community who has a suggested improvement to enter this for consideration by the MDAC. 


 To Make a Suggestion:   (View Detailed Instructions on GROK)

    1. Log in to Moodle
    2. Click Need Help? (found at the top of the page)
    3. Click Submit your idea here!
    4. Fill out the form and click Send
The process for evaluation of suggestions:

    1. A suggestion is received and development hours are estimated by ITS
    2. The results of the ITS analysis are presented to the MDAC for final assessment and priority ranking
    3. Approved suggestions are placed in the development queue