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GTA Resources

In keeping with our goal to support all who teach in their efforts to seamlessly integrate academic technologies into teaching, learning, and research, we are happy to offer a number of services and events designed particularly to meet the needs of our campus graduate teaching assistants. These include webinars, panel presentations, meet and greet opportunities, and shared tips and suggestions from experienced faculty members.


Please see the lists below for upcoming events as well as for available archives of past events.





Food for Thought: A Seminar Series for Graduate Teaching Assistants

This series, initiated in 2010 Fall, explores key topics for today’s college classes: communication, teaching, learning, technology, and more. To register for upcoming webinars in this series, please visit  Browse our list of available archives to know what topics may be of particular interest to you. Click this link to access the archives.



LSU’s Outstanding Faculty Share Tips and Tricks with Campus GTAs

Would you like the opportunity to visit with an outstanding LSU faculty member to learn the tips and tricks that s/he has to share about teaching/learning? Well, here is your chance! Each of these faculty members took a few minutes to share their ideas and suggestions with campus GTAs through short videos. Hope you enjoy your visits! Click this link to access the videos.